Paul allows you to assemble libraries easily, starts a webserver and a livereload server to watch out for changes and run appropriate tasks like concatenation, minification on deploy, file copy, text pattern substitution and more. It provides easy maintainment of infinite project sections and comes with a HTML5 boilerplate to start with.

Although it is highly configurable, the main attempt is workflow simplification and staying focused on your real work. Simply run $ grunt (e.g. $ grunt deploy) on the console, dig into developing your site and forget about the magic that happens behind.

Some of what Paul provides...

  • Automatic CSS-Prefixing
  • HTML5 template
  • Automatic Banner append
  • Easy add/remove of bower plugins
  • Automatic custom Modernizr build
  • Dynamic text pattern substitution
  • Develop infinite page sections separately
  • Live reload(HTML), live injection(CSS)
  • Aware of CSS/JS sourcemaps
  • Automatic build of plugin javascript
  • jQuery CDN and local fallback
  • SCSS setup with prepared inuit.css integration
  • Images minifying
  • Comes with some useful templates (humans.txt, robots.txt, htaccess etc.)
  • Simple workflow: $ grunt (development), $ grunt-deploy deployment)

Get Paul

Make a choice:


You must have installed the latest Node.js, Grunt, Bower and SASS plus the SASS-Globbing Plugin.

Getting started

  1. Execute build-bower-components.command and build-node-modules.command by double-click or run it from the console (OS X). I'll add Windows related scripts soon.
  2. Run $ grunt on the console

You're done. Enjoy development...


I added some kind of documentation for the enviroment which describes the main parts of Paul and reflects some common workflow examples.

Prepared components/modules

To ensure you always work with the most current component/module version, these files are not included in the project download actually. But installing them is fairly simple: execute both *.command bash scripts that comes with Paul and you're done (see above Get started with Paul).



Requires installation of Grunt version >= 0.4.x


If you have any question, get in touch with me. For bug reports, please use the project issue tracker.

Kudos to

Comparable projects

  • FireShell A project by Todd Motto with a fairly similar approach.

License stuff

  • I throw it with a MIT License. So tweak it, rewrite it, enhance it, do whatever you like to do with it ;-). It's just my personal approach i like to share...